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Entry #1

First blog thing + game suggestions?

2011-02-02 00:42:42 by hollingsxd

No idea what this is for. Whatevs.
If anyone reads this:

I have just started learning how to program flash. I've had alot of practice programming with Perl and C++, so I'm getting the hang of it pretty quickly.

This game/thing I'm working on, aptly named "Square Game" is my first project.
Square Game 1
Extremely basic because all I've been messing around with is movement/collisions/stuff like that.

Square Game2 (I still have a huge to-do list for this, its nothing but a concept right now)
This version has more potential. I've been trying to figure out how to work in some sort of level system, making the game progressively harder with unique levels. Its pretty obvious this version doesn't even qualify as a 'game' yet. I need Ideas on what kinds of enemies people would enjoy, and what I can add to make it possibly more fun.

So I guess I am asking you, whoever you may be, to comment or something telling me what i should turn this game into.


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2011-02-14 21:16:08

+ Have the leveling up on a logarithmic scale.
(with some boosts towards the end)

+ Add a plot like:
it's Triangle's last stand, and you are buying time for your family.


2011-02-15 00:24:19

good game man